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We’ve recently completed an overhaul of all our pricing models. (Our latest price revisions were in 2009!) I’m very happy to report that after all the work we did evaluating our products and pricing, most of the prices have remained the same. And in fact, the pricing for many of our larger print sizes actually came down!

Our ability to continue to offer such honest, affordable and attractive pricing for my artwork is due largely to improvements and wider availability for the processes and materials used to produce the work. We also have some new vendor relationships with industry partners offering better capabilities and quality, at fantastic prices. In addition, the volume of work being sold — in addition to our very low overhead — allows us to keep our prices very competitive.

We’ve made our most recent Retail Price Lists freely available on the main web site. We’ve also updated our wholesale pricing for trade partners and industry resellers. Feel free to contact us with any questions or for a custom price quote on your next project.

Our sincere thanks to all our valued clients for your continued support!

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