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My White Sands photo used as giant wall mural

nat-coalson-white-sands-wall-mural-renderingOver the past few days I’ve completed a custom order for a private client in Italy.

They had approached me with an interest in licensing one of my landscape photographs of White Sands, New Mexico. The prospective client explained the image file would need to be enlarged (massively!) and sent to their local printer to make a full-wall mural.

My initial concerns about managing the rights to the image were addressed and we agreed on a licensing cost that reflected both the large image size and the fact that I was releasing the image ‘into the wild’ with no way to restrict its usage other than our written agreement.

nat-coalson-white-sands-wall-mural-measurementsFrom the beginning, this was an exciting project to be involved with. The client was working with a professional interior designer, renovating their apartment. The interior designer produced renderings to simulate what the finished design would look like (see image at upper right).

The client also explained that the finished wall mural displaying my image would be photographed for potential inclusion in a book about interior design, and maybe also taped for broadcast on a tv show. I was honored to have my image included, and not concerned about the additional usage. In fact, that kind of exposure is very valuable indeed!

So once we’d agreed on a fee, I customised the image to their precise specifications. Based on the renderings and measurements, it was clear that the image would need to be extended at the bottom, to accommodate the precise placement on the wall behind the bed. I used Photoshop CC to extend the image canvas and replicate the textures and patterns of the sand at the bottom of the image.

nat-coalson-wall-mural-proof-imageThe client and I never met in person; all our project communication was done by email. The client made payment through PayPal and I uploaded the image using WeTransfer. (The final image was 292 cm x 351 cm at 180 dpi … the compressed LZW TIF was a whopping 260 MB!)

It’s remarkable what’s possible in the age we’re living in. I live in England, my client in Italy, photograph made in New Mexico, USA. Project communication, payment and file transfer all completed over the Internet.

This project is a perfect case study of how I like to work!

See the original photo here. I look forward to your questions and comments.

Case Study: Fine Art for Colorado Ski Condo

Nat-Coalson-Steele-Dining-AspensThe Steele family of Denver, Colorado bought a new ski condo in Frisco, surrounded by many of Colorado’s best-loved ski resorts. As a brand new build, the condo would feature a contemporary mountain design aesthetic with a high level of finish.

Mr. Steele was looking to buy a set of fine art photographic prints to decorate the condo. And he sweetened the idea by making it a thoughtful Christmas gift for his wife.

This project is a good illustration of our ability to produce custom art projects to match any requirements and specifications. It also demonstrates the power of remote collaboration and project development.

Read all about the project here and learn how you can decorate your own home, too!

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